The San Cayetano mountain park is located in the Sierra de Crevillent, where it is crossed by the San Cayetano ravine and under the peak of the same name.

UTM ETRS-89 (30N): X (685278), Y (4237171)


From Crevillent take the road towards Albatera (CV-340), then follow the path parallel to the Crevillent transfer canal until you reach bridge 10, where you will see the sign indicating the San Cayetano area. Follow signage. The Park is located about 3.3 km from the La Palaya Recreational Area.

- Nearby municipality: Crevillent and Albatera

- Type: Good

- Firm: Asphalt – Track

- Access: Tourism

- Trail connection: PR-CV 110


- Limited parking. Parking on the sidelines or ditches for reasons of emergencies is prohibited.

- Areas set up for camping with a tent.

- Picnic tables and tables suitable for people with reduced mobility.

- Toilets with sink and WC.

- Non-potable water.

- It is forbidden to make a fire with any type of fuel (including camping gas). There is no area for barbecues.

- There is no electricity.

- There are shelters but only in case of emergencies.

camping permit

To be able to camp in the San Cayetano Mountain Park, you will need an official administrative authorization from the Ministry. This authorization will be made through the following standard application form: "TECG-Application for camping of one or more people, without exceeding a maximum of ten". In the following link you will find all the necessary information:


The deadline for submitting applications will be, at least, between 7 and 30 days before the start of the activity.