Other Parties


The “Cabalgata de reyes” of Crevillent is one of the most important in the province held the night of 5 january, attended by visitors from the towns. In this celebration comprises Christmas sweets and candies to children attending the event, in addition that they can deliver their letters to the Royal Herald that delivered these letters to the kings of the East.


Carnival parade that begins in the “Plaza de la Constitución” and ends in the “Plaza de la Comunidad Valenciana”; that combines costumes, processions and party with animation of giant dolls simulating fictional and fantasy characters celebrated on february 25 before Lenten Christian. In addition, the accompaniment of live music and the participation of the audience in disguise for the occasion.


“Mig Any” sets the countdown for the arrival of the National Tourist Interest festivity. It is a parade of all the “comparsas” full of atmosphere and marches festive of the locality at night. Also this party is acompanied by children’s games and “la cridà”.


The inhabitants of Crevillent meet on may 14 and 15 and celebrate several Eucharists in their honor in the hermitage and in the parish of the Stma. Trinidad, an act that is accompanied by the pilgrimages of descent and ascent of the saint, to which the children go dressed as farmers and Madrilenians. The members of the brotherhood of the Saint and authorities accompany the image, followed by thousands of crevillentinos, as well as by the band of cornets and drums, brass band, dulzainas and tabaleteros and the group of dances that accompanies it with chotis and Madrid pasodobles.

Fireworks, the sound of bells and music accompany the holidays in honor of the patron saint of Spanish farmers and ranchers. A spectacular fireworks put an end to this celebration.


17 of may day is celebrated every year in Crevillent The Pilgrimage in honor of San Pascual with crowd of devotees that Holy so popular in the town. Mass i held at the top of the chapel where is located the saint within the chapel; the faithful are spread along the small mountain that holds the chapel to hear the Mass and the traditional songs to San Pascual. The feast of the Holy continues with the down from the “Molino de Llebrés” to the parish of “Nuestra Señora de Belén”. The procession in accompanied by “nativity plays and pastoretes” and the Group “San Pascual Bailón”. After the mass, low to the “Molino de Llebrés” it shall return them to the holy procession to the chapel where the inhabitants will say farewell to this beloved San Pascual in the Calle Molinos, where traditional songs joys to San Pascual.


The “Festa del Pont” will be held on 19/20 may and last a week. The festivity includes the religious acts organized by the parish of the Holy Trnity and festive events organized by the association.

During the week the following activities: tasting of vaious paella rice and “mondongo” distributed among the residents of the neighborhood, card games, athletics, “cucañas”, drawing competition and board games.

And the realization of a dinner on the Calvary. The party has just with various religious acts.


There are several celebrations in San Felipe Neri, but their biggest festivities are celebrated on may 26 in honor of San Felipe Neri, where floats, dances, processions and so on are exhibited.

Other celebrations to highlight are the Christmas holidays, the patron “Virgen del Rosario”, Holy week, and the day of the Corpus, among others.


The first weekend of june in the Feasts if the Realengo is celebrated the coronation of the queens and ladies of honor and offering of flowers to San Luis Gonzaga. During the following weekend is a costume parade with floats and games for children. In the evening, the neighbors can enjoy a disco cell.

The day 21 of June is the great day of the feast, celebrated a Mass ans procession in honor of the patron San Luis Gonzaga, and it culminates later with the fireworks shot. Finally, the end of next week, the festival committee invites all the people to a dinner, with sarrdines and beer. This act is called “Feast of the Sardine”. During the holidays there are also a number of dances and dinners sobaquillo among other activities.


Between the months of May and June, every year the festivity in honor of the “Santísima Trinidad” is celebrated in our town. In the past, the church and the parish that carry her name, organize liturgical and religious events, concerts, masses and to conclude the last day, celebrate the Eucharist, which then begins the procession through the streets of the neighborhood with the image of the Holy Trinity.


On june 13 of each year the celebrations are celebrated in honor of San Antonio de la Florida in Crevillent that will be accompanied by his followers, music and finally culminate the celebration with fireworks. First a mass is officiated in honor to the Saint, who later the procession begins from the Church of the “Santísima Trinidad” until its hermitage that will be accompanied by music and faithful to the Saint. During this processions is distributed the traditional “Blessed Bread of San antonio”, wich ends at the moment when the saint arrives at his chapel.


Between the months of May and June Corpues Christi is celebrated in Crevillent, which consists a representation of the struggle between virtue, the “Moma”, and the seven deadly sins, the momos. The “Moma” dances dressed in white with the face completely covered by a veil and a mask, ans the head covered with a golden crown with white flowers, while in the right han it carries a fan in the left a golden scepter accompanied by a “dolçaina” and a “tabalet”. The processions is a tradicional festivity of the Valencian Community”.


The neighborhood of Crevillent station celebrates its party the last week in july in honor of San Ignacio de Loyola with nightly celebrations of dances, dinners and children’s games.

Finally, the last day of celebration is celebrated a mass in honor to San Ignacio de Loyola.


The neighborhood of Santa Clara in honor of its patron saint, celebrate this festivity from July 30 to august 11 of each year, accompanied by numerous sporting activities such as “Trotada Santa Clara”, recreational activities such as card championships and bingo. You can not miss the parades through the traditional streets of the municipality and the dinner of “track” with musical performance. To conclude the celebrations a mass is celebrated in honor to the “patrona” that finally end up with a spectacular end firework.


The associations of the “Barranco de San Cayetano” each year celebrate from 1 to 6 august their festivities. In these festivities a great variety of competitions are celebrated for example “paellas”, that soon is anaugurated the traditional popular tent and the coronation of the queen of the celebrations.

It is worth noting the parade of floats and the parade of costumes with important prizes also carry out activities for all ages, enhancing the role of the little ones with children’s contests and activities for their entertainment.

They also carry out sports activities such as a bicycle ride to San Isidro. To conclude the celebrations, a solemn procession and mass in honor to “San Cayetano” is celebrated.


Every  year, Crevillent celebrates the festivity in honor of “San Cayetano” on august 7, being “copatrón” of the locality. First, a mass is officiated, wich ends later in the celebration of the Eucharist where the number of women who have collaborated in their parish since his foundation is assigned the honor of holding the banner of the parish in the traditional procession, in which they participate Hundreds of crevillentinos. In the procession, the saint is accompanied by “dolçaines” and “tabalers” and as the tradition marks “San Cayetano” carries as only floral ornament numerous branches of “alfábega”. Finally, once the saint arrives at the temple, he is offered to the faithful for his veneration, the relic of “San Cayetano”.


“Virgen de la Salud” is the main protagonist of these parties held the first week of semptember that mainly live in the street. Fireworks, competitions and parades are part of a full program of activities. One opened the ilumination of the streets, the street parade and then the proclamation of the queens, accompanied by the ladies of honor, which will chair from the beginning to the end of the holidays.

Numerous activities and musical performances. The highlights of these festivities is the floral offering that is made of the vVirgin of Health located in the chapel of the same street and sunday morning mass is celebrated in the same chapel and finally in the afternoon we will celebrate mass in honor that will end with the procession.


The second week is september the feast dedicated to the Holy Guardian Angel dating back to 1902. Around his hermitage are held various recreational and religious acts, a mixtura of tradition and devotion in one of the traditional neighborhoods of Crevillent.

Special mention should be made of the presentation of children to the Angel, as well as processions of giants and “cabezudos” accompanied by “dulzainas”, costume contest, the festivals with great performances and in the religious sphere the large participation of devotees in the Mass and processions as well as the visit to the chapel with offerings of flowers. But it also highlights the involvement of neighbors in all acts as the traditional dinner in the street always with typical gastronomy for these days.

It’s a feast for the whole family where the end is the traditional fireworks 1,001 meters in length.


The Neighborhood of San Rafael celebrates its traditional festivals in honor of the Archangel at the end of the month of october. In the morning there will be a musical awakening and breakfast with chocolate and tona. At half past nine, the image of San Rafael will be transferred in pilgrimage to the parish of Our Lady of Bethlehem, where they will serve to the ten holy mass.


As a tradition in Crevillent, the weekend before the Moorish and Christian festivities, a medieval market is organized along the streets of the old town.

The inhabitants immerse themselves in the medieval atmosphere of the XVth century thanks to traditional food stalls and gifts accompanied by medieval performances and dances.


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