Music at crevillent

Culturally, Crevillent stands out due to its musical expressions. The musical scene imbues the character of most of the cultural celebrations and there is unique musical root in the popular tradition. 

This village features numerous musical groups, standing out Societat Unió Musical, whose precedents come from the year 1860; among its prizes stands out the medal given by the villa in 1990 due to its uncountable successes and, recently, the honorable mention award at Certamen Internacional de Musica Vila de La Sénia. 

Furthermore, it contains a musical school with over 200 students devoted to keeping the musical flame among young people. 

On other hand, to this musical tradition is added the choral singing, whose activity is testified from the year 1891. 

Currently there is a great number of choral groups in our town, whose plays are developed all over Spain: Orfeón Crevillentino, Grupo Cantores Imperial, Coro Amistad, Coro Rabinos, Coro Virgen de la Esperanza, Coro de la tercera edad and Coro de mayores Centro Parc Nou. 

Furthermore, Crevillent stands out because of being a cradle of great lyrical voices who have achieved international prestige such as Jose Antonio Sempere or Antonio Gandia. 

Finally, we can emphasise the great importance of music in two festivities of International Tourist Interest.

In the case of Moros y Cristianos, the uncountable bands and dance groups that acompain the “filaes” represent part of the soul of this festivity, which begins at dawn with reveilles and finishes with the rhythm of moors and christian parades.

About Semana Santa (Easter), music is, without a doubt, one of the elements which make the festivity unique. From the septenary in honor of Virgen de los Dolores to the procession de los coros on Holy Saturday, people express the feeling for this festivity through music.

Music is part of our identity. Nowadays we feature young musical talents who devote their everyday-life to this art, making bands, participating in musical groups, recording their own albums or playing in important sceneries. As an example, the bass-baritone Manuel Fuentes, who won the Alfredo Kraus award in 2019.

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