Legal Warning

Company data

Coming into effect the article 10 of the law 34/2002, the 11 of July, the services of the society of the information and electronic commerce, next is expose the identify data of the company.


Data Concept

  • SOCIAL DOMINATION: Ayuntamiento de Crevillent
  • CIF: P0305900C
  • SOCIAL ADDRESS: C/ Mayor, 9 03330 Crevillente (Alicante)
  • PHONE NUMBER: 965401526

This website, which owner is AYUNTAMIENTO DE CREVILLENT, is constituted by the websites associated to the domains

Intellectual property and industrial

The design of this website and its source code, just as, style and the rest distinctive sign that appears in its belongs to AYUNTAMIENTO DE CREVILLENT and are protected by their own rights of intellectual property and industrial. The use not authorized of the information contained in this site, just as the damages caused in the rights of the intellectual property and industrial of AYUNTAMIENTO DE CREVILLENT, could end to the exercise of legal actions, and, if it comes to that, to the responsabilities that this exercise derive.

Contain Responsability

AYUNTAMIENTO DE CREVILLENT is not responsible of the legality of other party websites from can access throught the website. AYUNTAMIENTO DE CREVILLENT neither respond of the legality of third party websites, that could be linked or connected from this site.

AYUNTAMIENTO DE CREVILLENT reserves the right to make changes in the website without previous advise, to the aim of maintain its information updated, adding, modifying, correcting or deleting the public contents or the website design.

AYUNTAMIENTO DE CREVILLENT is not responsible of the use that third parties makes of the information published in the website, neither of the damages suffered or economic loses that, directly or indirectly, produce or can produce economic damages, material or about data, produced by the use os its information.

Conditions of the use of the website for users

Its delibely forbidden the use of this website for damagespurpose relating to the properties or interests of AYUNTAMIENTO DE CREVILLENT, of third parties or in any case overload or makes useless the network, server and the rest informatic device of AYUNTAMIENTO DE CREVILLENT or of third parties.

In the case that the user has knowledges of linked websites that refer to websites which contents or services are illicit, harmful, denigrating, violent or against to the moral, we would be grateful if you communicate us inmediately.

Applicable law

The applicable law, in case of dispute or conflict of the interpretation of the stipulation that get along with this legal warning, just as any cuestion related to the services of this website, would be the spanish law.