Weekly market

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Every Friday (except for bank holidays when it shifts to
Thursday) , the weekly market can be found in Rambla
del Castellar

The street market runs from Madrid Ave to the car
park next to the local culture hall. It stretches for
more than one kilometer.

This traditional market was first officially started on
Fridays in 1972. At that time, it was placed around
the current food indoors market –between Fontenay
and Madrid Av–. So as to improve people’s access as
well as its functions and services, the weekly market
moved its stalls to their current location in 2006.
This is a charming spot that counts with resting areas,
playgrounds and walking areas all next to the 76 stalls
currently selling.
Clothes, shoes, cleaning products as well as spices
or household items can all be found here from 7am
to 2 pm.

Since it has a wide range of products and it is placed
on a nice walking area, a lot of people come to the
market, not only locals but also people from nearby