Holly Week

During the spring, Easter’s celebration has its place. Its inception comes from the XVIIth century and it is declared Festivity of International Interest. Religion, popular piety, art, tradition, rituals and customs are the elements which define this beautiful festivity.

On Holy Tuesday’s night, silence and darkness master the urban core of the village and along its narrow and winding streets the crowd piles in order to watch the Holiest Christ of the Death and Souls, accompanied by torches, censers and a cinquecento’s piece played by a local choir. 

The Holy Wednesday starts with the traditional Arreglo de pasos(“arrangement of Steps or parades”); steps/parades (pasos) that, from all the cardinal points, meet in the traditional Entrada de Pasos (“Entrance of Steps”) at Nuestra Señora de Belen church, from where it starts the procession of Christ’s Passion. 

At Holy Friday’s dawn all the people gather at La Morquera in order to watch, fervently, a heartfelt act for Crevillent: The Hug between the Mother and the Son during the Subida al Calvario’s procession. After that, following the tradition, the penitents and participants recover energy by having a lunch of pa torrat (toast), served with cod, garlic and beans: the traditional Almuerzo de Viernes Santo.

DIANAS- José Alfonso Viudes
Abrazo - José Alfonso Viudes
Abrazo - José Alfonso Viudes

At twilight, the solemnity dominate the streets of Crevillent with the procession of Christ’s Death, in which the Mariano Benlliure’s enthroned imagenes (statues), accompanied by the different choirs of the village, create an atmosphere of beauty and serenity, along the streets of the city centre.

Six are the sculptural groups which participate in the Holy Saturday’s procession, named procession of the Holy Entombment of Christ. During the itinerary, from the Santisima Trinidad church to Nuestra Señora de Belem church, the respect and devotion stand out. Just the songs of the choirs and the sound of the drums interrupt the silence. 

Resurrection’s Sunday is celebrated in the constitution square, with the statues of Saint John of Palma, Regina Pacis and Jesus Consecrated, accompanied by the harmony of Aleluya by Haendel in the background.


– Federació de Confraries i Germandats de la Setmana Santa de Crevillent