One of the best ways to get to know a place is by trying the most typical dishes.

Crevillent has a variety of traditional dishes that today are the most popular and are cooked in most houses.

We have a rice tradition with many kinds of rice and ways of cooking it … Of the most typical; rice with rabbit and snails, rice and tripe, vegetables, arròs caldós

Other traditional dishes to taste are gachamiga and “cocido con pelotas”, the protagonists of many of the Crevillentina Christmas tables.

During the celebration of Holy Week, the Villa de Crevillent smells of «Pa Torrat«, cod, baked garlic and tender beans.

Also during those days, the Crevillent ovens prepare the traditional crevillentine “cocas”, another essential element of the traditional Viernes Santo lunch..

The production of these “cocas” dates back to the middle of the 19th century and over time they have evolved and expanded their variety …

From the most typical such as the boquerón coca, to others such as vegetables, sardines, “molletes”, tuna and egg, ham and cheese and “pisto”.

All these varieties can be found throughout the year in Crevillentine ovens.

For dessert, we conclude our tour of Crevillentina gastronomy with “toña”, a circular sponge cake sprinkled with sugar that is usually enjoyed with hot chocolate.
In addition, other traditional preparations are fig bread and “arrop i tallaet”, a concentrated syrup made from very sweet, dark and thick grape must.

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For the hottest months, we have ice cream and slush factories specialized in the production of horchata whose origins date back to 1910.

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